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New Contemporary Funny Car Body Kits

Many kit bodies to choose from.  Just add your chassis and… drag race.
H.O.D.R.A. Approved.

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Secrets of the Pancake Commutator Plate

September 18, 2009 Leave a comment


Last month we shared a conversation with you all regarding the certain evolution  in the “next generation” of  pancake armatures  (rotors & plates) with winding guru Daniel Cardinale.  Dan has developed a new generation of commutator plates. This technology dosn’t come without research and development.  Looking at the past can assist with developing the future….so here is a summary of the analysis of the great ones (and not so great ones)  from the past.


  * LaGanke Silver Comm plate – this is actually a good quality nickel
     plating over copper.  Fairly common in the PCB world.
   * Model Motoring Silver Comm plate – this is a poor quality nickel
     plating over copper.  Very porous.
   * JL Silver Comm plate – this is a silver immersion coating over
     copper.  Typical on PCB’s.  Used to prevent copper tarnishing
     after soldering.  Useless coating in our application.
   * Original Aurora Silver Comm plate – this is the closest to real
     silver plating over copper.  Also why it wore off fast.


What’s next for 2010 and the future of pancake drag racing?   Stay tuned for a full  H.O.D.R.A. report.

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In Memoriam – Truly TOP s!

September 14, 2009 Leave a comment


   Tom was a mentor in realistic vacuum forming. He taught me many intricacies of
the art form in my quest to obtain and provide greater detail from what some
otherwise would call “blobs”. Tom was a great modeler, mentor and friend. I lost
track of him about three years ago. I am very sorry to hear of his passing and
my condolences go out to his family and friends. A true gentleman competitor in
the hobby sport. He will be missed. (and so too his talent).  Truly TOP  s !

Without his guidance and influence, RJM Racing HO Customs – Flaming Shark Drag Bodies – would not have come into existence.

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